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Sam Snyder

Attorney at Law

Licensed in the State of Illinois and the Central District Court of the United States.


I am a skilled trial attorney with over 15 years of courtroom experience in Peoria and Tazewell counties as well as in courtrooms throughout Central Illinois. I have extensive jury and bench trial experience in criminal defense and family law. My background also includes significant work in appeals to the appellate districts and the Illinois Supreme Court. This has given me unique insight into the workings and procedure of the Illinois court system. In addition to my skill and experience, I provide a high level of service to my clients by making myself available to them by phone, text, or email in order to accommodate their busy schedules.  

Sam Snyder, Attorney at Law

Why choose Snyder Defense, LLC?

Free Consultation

Call my office for a free, confidential consultation with an experienced attorney regarding your criminal case or family law matter. I am a skilled litigator with broad experience in traffic matters, criminal defense, family law, and appeals who can help guide you through your legal situation, answer your questions, and formulate the right strategy to obtain the best result possible.

Trial Experience

I am one of a small percentage of attorneys who actually practice in a courtroom on a regular basis and possess the necessary skills to navigate through the applicable case law, statutory authority, and rules of evidence to give you the edge you need. No result is certain, but you can greatly improve your chances by hiring the right lawyer for the job.

Se Habla Español

I am fluent in both written and spoken Spanish. Allow me to counsel you through your legal difficulty by communicating to your in your native language.

Hablo el español por escrito y oralmente. Permíteme aconsejarle por una consulta con Ud. en su propio idioma.