Whether you’ve been ticketed for speeding or indicted for felony battery, you need someone who is experienced and aggressive to fight for your rights. Attorney Sam Snyder has personally defended clients from such charges as felony DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, sexual assault, murder, and many others. That sort of experience allows him to bring to the table a level of confidence and insight that few attorneys possess. He doesn’t just talk; he get results for his clients. Let him get results for you, too.



Divorce court is right next to the dentist’s office on the list of places people try to avoid. Don’t let the thought of this intimidating environment keep you from claiming your rights under the law. Attorney Sam Snyder can guide you through the process and fight for what’s yours, whether your case involves a divorce, child custody, visitation, or support.



The appellate process is among the most procedurally complicated areas of law. It is fraught with innumerable pitfalls that can spell doom to the unwary petitioner. So don’t just trust any lawyer with yours or your loved one’s appeal. Hire a lawyer who has successfully handled numerous appeals in this State, and even appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court. Hire attorney Sam Snyder.



Similar to the appeals process, post-conviction petitions often seek to undo an injustice that occurred at the trial level. But that’s where their similarities end. Unlike with direct appeals, the unjustly imprisoned person may present “newly discovery evidence” in support of a claim of “actual innocence” through a post-conviction petition in State court. The success or failure of such claims often turns on very technical nuances in the law. Attorney Sam Snyder knows how to utilize these technicalities to his clients’ advantage, and has even had several convictions overturned.